Chiropractic Testimonials

Dorothy Sica
“It took me weeks to finally take my mothers advice and get to Dr. Nepa’s office. I live two hours away. I was physically unable to because my migraine headaches were so severe I could not get out of bed. These were chronic, and a migraine episode could last for a couple of weeks straight. I also suffered with excruciating sciatic pain that was not helped by the strongest pain killers or even surgery. Although my case was very challenging and we worked through many ups and downs, I have far fewer headaches now and if I do get them they are much less severe. Amazingly, even my sciatic pain has made dramatic improvement despite the damaged vertebrae in my spine. Dr. Nepa is the most concerned and compassionate doctor I’ve ever met. He has taken great interest in my pain and has gone above what any other doctor is the past has to help rectify the problem.”

Lisa Scillia
“I had the unfortunate luck of pulling my lower back out for the first time by lifting an object and moving the wrong way. I couldn’t even get out of bed the next day… I had to roll out!!! My first instinct was to go to the doctor who only gave me painkillers that weren’t helping the pain!! So then I found out about The Atlas Center. On my first visit, I felt very comfortable as the office has a very warm and friendly atmosphere. Dr. Nepa first took X-rays and then followed by doing adjustments over the new few weeks or so. It was the best thing I ever did. I have not had a problem with my back ever since. As an added bonus, Dr. Nepa also helped me with my headaches that I had been battling for a couple years. They don’t come very frequently at all now, which is great. I would recommend this office to anyone in pain, whether it’s back, neck or head!!”

Walter Howard
Allow me to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank you!’ for relieving me of the pain that I had endured for over a year before coming to you. As you will recall, I was unable to sit for more than a half hour before experiencing a burning sensation that started at the base of my neck and continued down my spine and intensified as it traveled. This affected my ability to drive or enjoy just sitting with friends. It has now been a year and with regular adjustments, I remain pain-free. Here’s wishing both you and your staff a safe and enjoyable summer.

Paula Gorney – Cedar Grove, NJ
“Our lives would not be the same without our regular visits to Dr. Nepa. Both of my children have been patients of Dr. Nepa’s since they were very young, and I am sure that the excellent health that our entire family enjoys is largely due to Dr. Nepa. He has successfully helped us with everything form back pain to headaches to chronic allergies. We are truly fortunate to have found a people as dedicated and caring as Dr. Nepa and his wonderful staff.”

Roseanne Todd – Union, NJ
“I was highly recommended to Dr. Nepa by a customer of mine. Being in the retail business, I stand on my feet all day. I suffered with severe sciatica, arthritis in the neck and back and hips, and disc problems. I told Dr. Nepa he had “Hands of Gold,” because of the remarkable amount of improvement I felt after only a few treatments.
Thanks for being such a caring Doctor.”

The Webster Family – Little Falls, NJ
“For the past fourteen years, my wife and I were at each other’s throats. I really didn’t understand much about her frequent migraines and headaches. This caused our relationship to become very stressful. Through my son’s teacher, my wife found out about the Atlas Chiropractic Center. In about thirty days, I noticed a tremendous change in my wife’s personality. After seeing this improvement, I also made an appointment.

Within a month, Dr. Nepa has healed my ligaments and joints from extreme pain. We also brought our two children in for care – one who is thirteen and diagnosed with ADD and a daughter who is eight years old – and we all look forward to using your techniques on each and every one of us.

Thank You So Much!!! God Bless You for your healing hands.”

Cheryl Friedman – Wayne, NJ
“If someone had told me several years ago that I would be seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis, I would have told them it was never going to happen. Well, that ‘never’ happened a few years ago when I began having a great deal of pain in my shoulder. I tried to resolve the problem myself by taking ibuprofen, which did give me temporary relief. Unfortunately, the pain always came back and was getting progressively worse. My friend, who was at the time and still is seeing Dr. Nepa, suggested I give him a chance. Although I still resisted, the pain was not getting any better, and I decided that I had nothing to lose by making an appointment. The adjustments that Dr. Nepa made during my next few visits eliminated the pain. I now go once a month, and if I happen to have any aches or pains they are quickly relieved. Thanks, Dr. Nepa, for all your concern and help.”

Art Palumbo – Bloomfield, NJ
“I experienced neck pains for years that were so intense that I could not look down to write a complete sentence without taking a break. After consulting physicians in various specialties, I underwent a series of various types of injections, including epidurals in the hospital. My relief was very limited in both degree and duration. Because I had visited other chiropractors previously, I was pessimistic when an MD specializing in neurology and pain management referred me to Dr. Nepa. My relief was noticeable after just a few visits and now with periodic treatments, as needed, I am relatively pain free and more flexible than I had been in recent years.”

Loretta A. Day.
“It was great to see you again. Thank you for taking the time to find the source of my pain. You are a true, dedicated healer. Dr. Nepa doesn’t even come close to the care you provide for your patients! However, since I am not in your area, I will resume regular visits here in Maryland.”

Walter Walter Dohnofrio – Chester, NJ
“After having been in an automobile accident and falling from a ladder, I developed severe migraine headaches. I had suffered from back problems for over twenty years, and had seen a variety of professionals (orthopedic doctors, physiotherapists, and several chiropractors). Even those who had helped me in the past could not bring me any relief. For two years, I rarely got more than two hours of uninterrupted sleep. I tried, out of desperation, so many medications, that I began to have problems with my liver. Finally, Dr. Nepa’s name was mentioned to me by a friend at work. When I was introduced to the Atlas Orthogonal technique, I was skeptical, feeling that it was some kind of “witchcraft.” I was amazed that this technique brought instant relief from my migraine headaches. Dr. Nepa gave back to me a quality of life that enabled me to keep my job and to once again enjoy my family and friends.”

Joanne Shershin
“Bingo! Atlas Center wins the prize!! After treatment by Dr. Nepa, the chronic pain in my neck is no longer there. Over the years, I had gone to a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, and had driven all the way to NY state on someone’s recommendation for a cure, but it was the fifteen minute drive to Little Falls that did the trick! Not only was the neck involved, but the pain had radiated into my head and down to my upper arms. Looking for relief, I blamed it on everything: my bed pillow, the way I held the phone when I talked, the way I sat in a chair. Turned out to be none of the aforementioned – I needed Dr. Nepa’s magic touch!”

Rebecca Bryson – Little Falls
“I was pleased when a chiropractor moved in across from my school. As a school teacher, I frequently have tension head, back, and shoulder aches. I decided to give Atlas a try. I was thrilled after my first adjustment with Dr. Nepa. I could feel years of mistreatment drain from my body after each adjustment. It wasn’t long before many of my colleagues sought out Atlas for help with their pain issues as well. My husband joined the bandwagon, too, and has found relief from his agonizing headaches and back pain. My son, at 3 weeks old, was Dr. Nepa’s youngest patient. So to say I would trust him with my own health is an understatement. I trust him with my family, too! Thanks!

Dr. Nepa is funny and warm without forcing a false sense of camaraderie. I feel welcome in his office without being pressured. He truly wants to help EVERYONE who is experiencing pain. Thanks for helping my family, Doc!”

Orietta Daniels
“When I came to your office at the beginning of February, I was in terrible pain. My headaches were at an all time high and my neck and shoulder felt as if I had needles stuck in them. Although I was hoping to get some relief, the results of your treatment have gone beyond my expectations. Headaches, including migraines, have been a part of my life since childhood. I have seen many doctors and specialists on several continents and tried every medication available on the market. The results have always been negative or temporary at best. So when you told me about your rate of success in treating headaches, I didn’t even pay attention, and assumed you had good intentions but you didn’t know “my headaches.“ To my surprise, after a few treatments on your “Atlas machine,” I realized my headache triggers were not as sensitive. A week and weekend actually passed without a headache. A long trip overseas was also headache free. Even when I manage to stress myself to the max, I can actually abort the headache by relaxing In the past, once a headache started, there was no turning back. The difference in my life has been wonderful. I look forward to continuing my treatment and hope to never have to deal with headaches again. Thank you very much for your help and kindness.”

Frank L. Poliseo
“I worked with very severe pain from arthritis and multiple herniated disks in both my neck and back. I was going to the town chiropractor for over 30 years and there was not very much relief.

I was told by a co-worker about Dr. Nepa. So I came to him for help and I got it! He is the greatest thing that ever happened to improve my life. His adjusting techniques have given me tremendous relief. I have more self-esteem, more smiles and more energy. I feel 10 years younger. I’m able to do things now that I could not do before. My back was to the point that frequently, I couldn’t even get out of bed to go to work. Since beginning care with Dr. Nepa, I am so happy. Thank you Dr. Nepa, you’re the great one.”

Rick Barnes – Wayne, NJ
“For many years, I suffered middle back and neck pain that would eventually cause severe headaches. A friend recommended Dr. Nepa to me. After reviewing the results from the x-rays, Dr. Nepa felt he could correct the problem. I was a little skeptical in the beginning. But after 3 visits, I began to notice less pain in my neck. After 6 visits, I noticed the pain in my back and neck had disappeared. Now I visit Dr. Nepa once a month for adjustments and I must say, my back pain has completely disappeared. Dr. Nepa also corrected and helped heal a Rotator Cuff strain in my shoulder. Dr. Nepa is an observant and very caring doctor, always looking out for the best health interest in his patients.”

The Liebchen Family – Kinnelon, NJ
“When our son, Torre, was 6 years old, he had an earache. We took him to an ear, nose and throat specialist in our area. The doctor had an impeccable reputation, and was always the first to be recommended by any pediatrician in the area. It took only a moment for him to look into Torre’s ear and inform us that he had a rather severe ear infection and prescribed a very strong antibiotic. He instructed us to schedule a time to take Torre in to have tubes inserted in his ear. We were reeling with the idea of having any sort of procedure done on our son, and asked if that was the only route available to us, as this was only the second time Torre had an ear infection in 6 years. No, he answered, tubes were absolutely the only answer in this situation. We told him we wanted to think about the procedure, but scheduled an appointment to see him in 4 days to check Torre’s progress with the medication.

We updated the pediatrician on the visit, and he told us that the antibiotics were extremely powerful and would clear up Torre’s infection in about 5 days, but we would have to continue the medication for an additional 5 days “just to make sure.” Now, we had decided when Torre was born that we did not want to pump him with antibiotics, (as seemed to be the current fashion), for every little thing that came up. We had done enough reading about them to understand they were dangerous to the immune system.

The word ‘antibiotic’ itself caused us to cringe. We were regular chiropractic patients and knew what chiropractic care did for us. We understood that the body could heal itself of many things in the same amount of time it took for a course of antibiotics to do the job. We decided not to fill the prescription and called our chiropractor, Dr. Ottavio Nepa. Dr. Nepa made room in his schedule to see Torre the same day. This was Torre’s first visit. Dr. Nepa gently checked his spine and found a few areas that needed attention. He adjusted him and sent us home. Four days later, we took Torre to the ENT specialist. He checked his ear and said it was amazing there was hardly any red at all, and that the antibiotic was working even quicker than it normally did and wasn’t that great. We informed him we never filled the prescription, and that our chiropractor had adjusted him 4 days ago. The doctor’s whole attitude changed. He told us that wasn’t possible, that only an antibiotic could have had that effect on him. We assured him that an adjustment was the only treatment Torre had. The specialist was not happy with us, and he admonished us for not following the course of treatment he had prescribed. Needless to say, Torre never needed those tubes. He is now 10, and visits our chiropractor regularly. Unlike his cousins and friends, he doesn’t take antibiotics at all and has effectively fought off ‘bugs’ that would normally assail any kid. His school attendance record is impeccable. His passion for playing football, and just living the normal, active, rough-and-tumble lifestyle of any healthy 10 year old boy is reason enough for regular chiropractic care. We have Dr. Nepa’s tender care to thank for the continuing health of our entire family.”

Karen Kaspirowicz – Little Falls, NJ
“About two years ago, I was home from school suffering from yet another debilitating migraine headache. Not knowing how to help, my fiancée approached our neighbor, Dr. Nepa, and asked if he might be able to help. Although Dr. Nepa did not have hours that day, he called me immediately and asked me to come to his office. It was then that I knew that I had met an extraordinary person and doctor. Dr. Nepa has persevered in his efforts to remedy my headaches. When I visit his office, he has the uncanny ability to know how I am feeling without my saying a word. The intensity and frequency of my headaches have been controlled with the expertise of Dr. Nepa’s treatment and advice. His compassion is unparalleled. I continue to be grateful for the day I met Dr. Nepa.”

Dan Voltmer
“Finally I found relief…thanks to Dr. Nepa. My headaches, sciatica flare-ups, neck and back pain have subsided, which has increased my productivity, quality of life, and has had a very favorable impact on my earning potential. This, for a senior man looking at retirement, (now much positive anticipation), was unexpected. Thanks again Ottavio, and Bravo! I will always recommend you highly and I will enjoy the new hope you have restored in me. Life is now more exciting.”

Gloria Restrepo
“For about 15 years, I was continually having migraine headaches and pain in my upper shoulder. I tried other chiropractors, acupuncture, and herbs, with very little success. After I saw an article in the paper, I called your office. I give thanks to God first, for putting this newspaper in my hands, then to you, Dr. Nepa, for using your knowledge to treat my health problem. My migraines have improved about 90%. I only have them one or two times every two or three months now, much less than before. May God bless you for helping me live a happier life. And it would make me happy to see other people benefiting from your knowledge.”

Connie Giordano
“THANK YOU, Dr. Nepa…when I came to you, I suffered three-fold: neck and shoulder pain, arm and wrist pain, and knee pain with restricted range of motion. Since my treatments there, I have more pain-FREE days than pain-FILLED days as before…I couldn’t do the simple tasks at the computer such as typing and using the mouse, and, since my treatments, I am back to my speed typing and am pain and numbness-free in my hands and fingers. I had very little range of motion in my left knee as the result of surgery to remove the PCL. Since my treatments, I am able to bend and stoop and even kneel again when I couldn’t before…thank you again and please keep up the good work…I would be lost without you. In this age of Spiderman and other superheroes, Dr. Nepa, you are IT!”

Catherine Y. Clements – St. Petersburg, FL
“I’m not good at writing these kinds of letters. I can talk it much better. I’m writing this letter with the hope that it may be helpful to others who suffer with migraine headaches. My migraines started when I was in my twenties and I am now in my sixties. Some days the only relief would be a Smith & Wesson. I’ve been to the point where if I’d had a gun I would have used it. When you go three days without sleeping or eating, a hole in the head is a small price to pay to ease the pain. But no gun at this point, so I start to pray for a little less pain so I can sleep. I force myself to work with them, but when Friday comes, I lock myself in the house, with all the blinds and drapes closed and pray it goes away by Monday. The pain could last from three to seven days, and travels from the top of my head into my jaw and down my neck.

The sun in Florida makes it almost impossible to go outside when I have a migraine. With a seven day migraine, the only thing I can do is stay in a dark room in bed. I have gone to doctors who prescribed many different medicines, which had little or no effect. I was sent to a psychiatrist who tried various techniques which included relaxation tapes, breathing exercises and lastly, tranquilizers. Nothing worked. Doctors asked me how many times a month did I get a migraine, but it was easier to tell them how many days a month I didn’t have one. After all the tests and treatments, they told me I would have to just cope with it the best I could. During a visit to my daughter in N.J., I talked to you. After being treated twice I went six months without a migraine. What a blessing. I’m looking forward to my next visit to N.J.”

Bobbi Gumbinger
“Before beginning treatment with Dr. Nepa, my spine was in constant pain from top to bottom. I had this condition for more than 15 years. I could not tolerate having anyone press on my back with even moderate pressure. I could not drive a car without propping my heel up on the seat to where my knee was in my chest, just to prevent the pain from shooting down my leg. To sleep at night, I also had to find creative ways to place my leg or the pain would not stop.

Very shortly after beginning care with Dr. Nepa, the neck and back pain were gone. The leg pain took a while, but alas, I can now drive my car with both legs down in a normal position and without pain or numbness! Dr. Nepa has been a terrific help in getting me mobile. He is so knowledgeable and sympathetic. Rosa is a wonderful asset to his office. Her bubbling personality makes everyone feel welcome.”

Tom Goralewicz
“Over the last 37 years, I have been diagnosed with severe migraines, “cluster” headaches, and “tension” headaches. In fact, for more than 34 years, I have lived with daily headache pain, averaging no more than two to four days per year that were relatively pain-free. I had developed a “scale” by which I could indicate to others the severity of my pain, ranging from a “Level 1,” which was more or less “mildly annoying,” to a “Level 10,” which would reduce me to a weak, trembling and sobbing total invalid, unable even to dress myself or walk, and which ALWAYS landed me in a hospital Emergency Room, where I would be given up to two injections of Demerol. Most days, my daily headaches “averaged” in the 4 to 6 range. During and since completing my 21-year military career, I was and have been tested, scanned and “imaged,” and have had numerous EEGs, and even a “spinal tap,” in unsuccessful attempts to discover an “organic cause” for my headaches. I have been tested for a number of vision-related problems, such as glaucoma. I have even had my sinuses and, yes, even my neck x-rayed! All to no avail!

I had become resigned to a life of daily pain, and of daily dependence on Imitrex (a “wonder drug,” actually, for those of us who can take it), and a combination of OTC and narcotic pain killers, just to be able to live and work and try to have a “normal” life. Not ONCE in these 37 years did any of those “enlightened” and well-meaning medical practitioners mention, much less recommend, that I see a chiropractor! In mid-April of this year, at the suggestion of a supervisor whose best friend is another satisfied patient of yours, I saw you for the first time. On the day of my first “treatment,” I arrived with a “Level 4″ headache. To keep this short, I’ll just say that I left with a “Level ZERO!” Not only that, but I remained headache-free for the next several days! Because of your skillful application of the Atlas Orthogonal Technique, and other chiropractic treatments, I have had more headache-free days in the last 8 or 9 weeks, than I had over the last ten YEARS! At one point, I went three full WEEKS without a headache! And, in all this time, I have had only ONE “Level 9″ headache, and maybe a few 6′s or 7′s.

Mostly, when there was a headache at all, I experienced nothing more than a 3. I now fully expect that, eventually, even THESE kinds of set backs will become fewer, farther between, and less severe if and when they do occur. I went from a rash of partial or full-day headache-related “Sick Days” from work, to only ONE full day, and just 1 or 2 partial days, the latter of which I was able to “make up” simply by working past my usual quitting time. I have to admit to having been very skeptical – maybe even cynical – right up until that first treatment.

Today, it is a completely different story! ‘I am the number one fan of the man’ named Doctor Ottavio Nepa! I have become a virtual “one-man advertising agency” for you, your office, and chiropractic in general! I have spread the word across the country in e-mails to life-long friends, and family, as well as to co-workers, neighbors, and local family and friends! If only I had known sooner, how much pain and suffering might I have avoided? How many ruined family weekend or vacation outings might have turned out differently? And my headaches probably accounted for well over 95% of all my ‘Sick Days’ since their onset all those years ago!

Thank you, Doctor Nepa! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Francine Gold – Watchung, NJ
“Although I was declared healed six months after surgery for a broken right wrist, I suffered persistent pain, which limited the use of my hand and wrist. Being right-handed, this was a major problem. I tried different types of physical therapy and chiropractic – to no avail. I was considering additional wrist surgery prior to hearing about Atlas Orthogonal and Dr. Nepa. Since treatment by Dr. Nepa, I am pain free without additional surgery. Thank you Dr. Nepa!”

Lynn Onsdorf
“I was experiencing a nagging pain in my shoulder and it eventually spread to my upper arm. Occasionally, this pain extended down my arm and I experienced numbness in my fingers. This pain continued for a month and I was constantly aware of it. When it did not subside on its own and when I was not getting any relief from over the counter pain medications, I visited Dr. Nepa at the Atlas Chiropractic Center. After three or four visits, my pain was gone. It has been over a year, and I have not experienced any more pain in my shoulder or arm.

For several years I was experiencing pain in my knees and felt as though I was seventy years old whenever I climbed or descended the stairs. Once again, I visited Dr. Nepa at the Atlas Chiropractic Center and after a few weeks, I was able to run up and down the stairs as though I were twenty years old. I first met Dr. Nepa at the Atlas Chiropractic Center when a friend told him about my daughter, who has been diagnosed with a progressive neuromuscular condition.

Dr. Nepa spent many months working with my daughter several times a week in order to improve her general health and mobility. My daughter experienced a greater sense of well-being; I was so impressed with Dr. Nepa’s interest and dedication that I now refer both my students and friends to him.”

Marie Sgobba
“I have experienced back pain all my life. After having my twins, my back pain became more severe and my posture was horrible. Since I began seeing Dr. Nepa, my husband sees a definite improvement in my posture and my back pain has lessoned considerably.”

Bonnie R.
“I am ashamed that it took me so long to thank you for helping me out. The day I met you I came into your office in so much neck and back pain that I recalled saying, “If you can’t help me, I’m quitting my job today.” Your office was still under construction and you weren’t even open for business yet. There you stood in your work clothes with dust and lumber all around you. You were very polite; telling me your practice wasn’t quite ready to open. You did, however, take the time to talk to me and decided to do an adjustment that might help relieve my pain.

That decision let me know that there are still some doctors who truly care. Although I had been receiving chiropractic care from another doctor for a full year, my pain was as bad as ever. Before you treated me that day, I could not even go from sitting to standing without pushing with my hands onto my thighs, rolling up, and walking hunched a few steps until I could stand up. This was typical for me. Immediately, after ONLY ONE treatment from you, I was able to easily go from sitting to standing and vice versa, with NO support!

I remember standing up right after you adjusted me and saying “I can’t believe this, I have no pain.” When I went home, I told everyone about Dr. Nepa and how he helped me out before his office had even finished construction. Later that weekend, you called my house to see how I was feeling and told me that if I would like to come in again, you would be opened on the following Monday. I kept the appointment. You did an exam, x-rays and explained what you thought would be best for me, I agreed. A month later I told you that the funny lump around my neck was gone.

There was a necklace my husband bought for me that I could never wear because it rested on this lump. I had been told by my GP that I had a mild thyroid problem that he was going to keep an eye on. My next visit to my GP was for a regular check up. I told him I was going to a Chiropractor and could not remember ever feeling this good. I have enormous amounts of energy, my thyroid seems in control and I finally get up without the use of my hands. Thank you for all you’ve done for me.”

Susan Miller – Morristown, NJ
“I have been coming to Dr. Nepa’s office for many years. I didn’t go to him for any one specific condition but he has helped me maintain a better way of life through adjustments. He has made a believer out of me. I truly feel that I am in generally better health because of him. Although I travel a long distance to see him, his pleasant ways and humorous personality make my visits a pleasure.”

Sue Suszko
“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your kindness, compassion and caring for the pain that everyday people endure in everyday life. After living for many years with chronic lower back pain and neck stiffness and pain, as well as cyclical migraine headaches, your magic “puff” adjustment with the Atlas Orthogonal technique has changed my life. You truly take the time to listen and care and even provide a laugh and a smile with the stream of unending jokes (I think) “ I have sung your praises to many and thought why not let you know in person as well how truly appreciated you really are.

Thanks so much for caring the way you do…Thank God I found you!

How do you spell relief?…….Dr. Nepa!!”

Maria Lamn
“I want to thank you so much for all the wonderful changes we’ve accomplished since I’ve been your patient. I had so many problems, my headaches being top on the list. In just two visits, you managed to break an every morning headache/sinus pain ritual of twenty years. That alone was fantastic. Prior to coming to you, I had been taking so many drugs (over-the-counter) that I realize now that is one of the reasons I felt so miserable. I had gotten to the point where no matter how many I took, they weren’t helping.

In addition to losing my headaches, we’ve noticed so many other changes…I am no longer duck footed, my menstrual cycle is regular, I have rosy cheeks and my eyes are sparkling with life instead of dull with listlessness, my posture is much better and I have a pep in my step. I’ve lost weight which is great and I carry myself differently. I know that you have helped me physically but more than that your great personality has given me the little push to go that extra step for myself.

“…Doing the exercises and eating the right things and drinking plenty of water. I want to thank you so much for helping me to be a happier, healthier person and I think you’re a great chiropractor. I feel new and improved because of you.”

Adriana Dean
“After seeing three orthopedic doctors, and having various tests, I was told there was nothing to be done about the pain in my lower back, and the damaged nerve in my right leg. I was sent home with a cane, and advised to seek help through pain management.

While debating about having a narcotic implant put in my body, a friend game me a newspaper clipping where a certain chiropractor claimed he could help. I had my doubts, but at that point, I was ready to try anything and made my first appointment.

Dr. Nepa, with his caring and gentle manner and a sense of humor, while surrounded by the latest equipment, performs small miracles every day. I should know because I am one of the recipients. After a month, I was able to throw away my cane, and today, six months later, I can walk without the debilitating pain, thanks to him. Oh, and one other thing…he also fixed my headaches!”

Nancy Drill
“I have been waiting a long to time write you this letter. It has been 8 months since I have started treatment with you, to lesson or alleviate the migraine headaches that have plagued me for 21 years. Not only did I suffer with migraines, but I also lived with constant, chronic daily headaches as a result of abuse of pain management pharmacology. I have been to just about every professional modality for relief, including herbalists, acupuncturists, neurologists, physical therapists, primary care physicians and other chiropractors.

I was finally resolved to believing this is how I would live my life, praying for more good days than bad. When Kathy McCreddy recommended you, I thought I would give your approach a try, for I had nothing to loose. I was immediately impressed to meet a professional, who cared and was committed to finding the key to unlock this miserable cycle. It was rough going in the beginning, as I was hoping for a miraculous cure. When I felt defeated, you never gave up. I thought for sure that you would send me on my way. Your time, concern, dedication and excellence in your field, has made you a jewel in your profession. Although I am not migraine free, I have many more good days than not. I no longer wake up in the morning wondering if today will be a good day or bad. There is also comfort in knowing that if I feel sick you are just a phone call away. I want to thank you and your staff for showing the level of concern that you do and accommodating last minute phone calls for appointments. You are a gift from God to your profession and I will eagerly recommend you to all who are looking for better health.”

Lori Ross
“I cannot thank you enough for taking me on as a patient when no one else would. I first went to a well-known chiropractor, one whom people often went to as a last resort. When he looked at me and my MRIs and said, “You’re in bad shape. I can’t help you. Chiropractic can’t help you,” you can imagine how I felt! But I refused to give up. I called a holistic physician’s office and the nurse there listened to my story and said, you know, “Dr. Nepa has helped a patient of ours who had MS and was in a lot of pain. Maybe you should see him. I called the next day and came to your office, propped up by pillows, since at that time I couldn’t even sit up by myself or walk more than a few steps.

Dr. Nepa examined me and said, “I can help you.” Skeptical as I was, I allowed him to work on my neck and back very gently. Within two visits I had less pain…and NOTHING had been able to give me even a tiny bit of relief before. After several weeks of treatment, I was able to move my neck more freely and sit up without the pillows. The day I walked in without my pillows was a great day! Look, Doc…no pillows! Now I’m back to swimming and walking a mile a day!

Dr. Nepa has a lot of techniques and uses them as he feels appropriate. His gentle Atlas method helped with the severe muscle spasms I was having. His hands just seem to KNOW what’s wrong, and how to move you.

His infectious sense of humor and kindness and compassion go without saying. He truly cares about doing his best and likes a challenge. I’ve met other doctors who care too, but none who combine his genuine compassion with his innate ability to use his gifted hands, experience and intuition to sense what the problem is….That, I believe, is why he is so effective and healing.

Thank you a gazillion, Dr. Nepa. You are a blessing to so many of us.”

Nicholas DiMinni
“We first met several years ago and at that time, I was experiencing severe vertigo attacks. Upon examining me, you believed a misalignment in my neck could very well be the cause of my attacks. After several adjustments with the Atlas machine, I began to experience fewer attacks and they were minor. I continue with maintenance adjustments and at this time, I am virtually free of this condition which plagued me for several years. Recently I developed tingling in my arms and hands, and you successfully relieved me of this condition after spending a substantial amount of time with me to determine exactly what the cause was. You applied several treatments and I am happy to inform you these symptoms have disappeared. I am impressed with your knowledge of various treatment modalities. My conditions were not common and you researched and applied different methods and treatments, which ultimately improved my health.

I can’t thank you enough and will certainly continue to consult with you first if and when any additional health issues arise.”

Richard Moore
“Besides taking away my pain and returning my quality of life, Dr. Nepa treats you as a member of his own family. Always caring, always wanting to do more for you, always a kind word. He is working on the jokes! God bless him!”


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