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Chiropractor Woodland Park NJ Ottavio Nepa

Chiropractor Ottavio Nepa D.C.

“I suffered with debilitating migraines for more than 25 years.”

When my migraines attacked, all I could do was fold up into a ball and shake until they passed. They could last up to two days, and occurred almost every week.

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I consulted with every kind of specialist: neurologists, physiatrists, orthopedic doctors, physical therapists, nutritionists, acupuncture practitioners, biofeedback specialists. I submitted to every kind of test: EEG, endocrine screenings, MRIs, CATscans, etc.

I had seen chiropractors in the past, and they had helped me with many ailments, but none had ever been able to touch these horrifying migraines. Then, I heard about a very special type of chiropractor who was an Atlas Orthogonist.

“After only two Atlas Orthogonal treatments, my migraines were gone!”

Only someone who is always in pain can understand the elation that comes from being free of the pain that has crippled your life. This was a miracle to me. That experience kindled a burning desire to relieve pain in as many people as I could. I attended and graduated Life University of Chiropractic with honors, and studied for two additional years with the developer of the Atlas Orthogonal technique. I am one of the very few Board-certified Atlas Orthogonal chiropractors in New Jersey.

I took it one step further. I felt even more could be done to improve upon the already excellent results of this technique. I continued my research and study until I found the combination of techniques which did in fact improve the effectiveness of my treatments. I have been able to help so many severe cases…people who had been in extreme pain and had been everywhere else without success.

Is there anything better than seeing patients improve and enjoy a far greater quality of life and live pain-free for the first time in a long time? I am able to see that again and again.

On a Personal Note

My other passion in life, aside from creating pain-free citizens of this planet, is music. I have played guitar for many years and like my chosen profession, there are always things to learn and areas to further perfect. I play in a local band and it’s a great source of pleasure and relaxation for me. On sunny days I might take a ride on my Harley or escape to do some fishing.

I understand that it can be tough to try something new, especially when it comes to your health. I had almost given up finding a cure for my migraines. But, I found the cure. And that changed my life.

I have helped so many people with a wide variety of problems who had just about given up. Let’s see if I can help you. Come in for a consult. You deserve to live pain-free.

How would finding a cure change your life? Give our Woodland Park Chiropractic office a call and let’s find out how we can help you.

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